Posts and Stobs

We at First Stop Fencing supply a range of fencing materials allowing you to get all the materials in one place. Our posts and stobs page displays our full range in this category . All fences requires either a post or stob, and all are strong, durable and are all pressure treated. Sawn, planed, pointed, round, square, grooved - we stock all posts that you will need. Please ensure that you choose the correct post or stob. You can have a great looking fence, but it needs to well supported. If you're putting up a six foot boarded fence, for example, then you would need to use an 8ft 4x4 post.

8ft (4

8ft (4

Price: £7.00 each length, EX VAT

8ft (4" x 4") - (2.4 x 100 X 100) post. ... read more.

Qty:    each